Light Guides |  Reflection | Polarisation  | Dispersion

In addition to various standards, we can individually develop and produce prisms and rods made of high-quality substrates such as BK 7, H-K9L, B270, LIBA, quartz and borosilicate glass, depending on what your specification requires.

Depending on the geometry and size, we can offer functional coatings such as partial mirroring or for colour mixing.


Single Optics | Collimators | Multi Lens Arrays

Similar to the prisms and rods, we can provide a standard program of aspherical, convex and concave lenses as well as bi-concave and bi-convex variants, but also design and manufacture according to customer-specific definitions. 

During the development, we consider the best matching substrate for your application and requirements.


Lampshades | Reflectors | Art Objects

Decorative lampshades made of clear and through-colored glass as well as highly transparent or structured reflectors - glassoptiX covers the complete portfolio of individual special shapes made of glass.

Our product variety also includes production possibilities for artistic glasses such as vases, drops in clear, solid-colored and coated form.

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