MIL & ISO DIN norms | HST | 2 - 19 mm

glassoptiX supplies safety glass with increased impact and shock resistance as well as improved thermal shock strength for lighting, technology and furniture.

Our production partners have state-of-the-art finishing options, including ceramic screen printing with a resolution of 720p and heat soak testing.


Borosilicate | Aluminosilicat | Soda-Lime Glass

Special glasses for challenging applications:


glassoptiX is your partner for selected, extremely thin glasses for use in display, laboratory and lighting technology.


99% Tvis | <0.5% Reflection | UV Block

The most efficient flat glass with up to 99% transmission at less than 0.5% reflection optimizes your product in any way!

glassoptiX is a specialist in the field of ultra-clear safety glasses with broadband antireflection coatings for lighting, display technology and object presentation. 

We are looking forward to evaluate the added value for your individual product!


Barrier Function  | Room Design

Laminated glass / laminated safety glass consists of at least two sheets, which are laminated together in a vacuum process with special foils. 

You will find applications where single-pane safety glass is not sufficient in terms of barrier function or where a special room design is to be created, using colored foils.


Diffusers | Beam Control | Privacy Protection

Textured glasses can be a cost-effective alternative in lighting technology for light guidance and diffusion, since the use of a number of individual optics can be avoided.

Of course, they are still used as hardened privacy and decorative glass in interiors.


Color Conversion | UV- / IR Filter | Mirrors

glassoptiX delivers highly efficient functional glasses such as color effect filters with defined color postions, for Kelvin conversion or for blocking or amplifying specific wavelengths.

On request, all deliveries are available with batch-specific measurement protocols. 

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